Taylor Swift & Ice Hockey Player Jeff Skins Together In Photo As He Gives Her A Present That Makes Her Smile

Gary Allan Says His Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood Comments Were Taken Out of Context

Gary Allan says his answer to Larry Kings question about whether or not Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are country has been spun in a way he didnt intend. The interview took place last week and will air on Kings Ora TV show Larry King Now Tuesday night (Sept. 17). In a 90-second preview, Allan says Swift and Underwood are not country: I would say theyre pop artists making a living in the country genre. In the wake of earlier comments from Zac Brown about Luke Bryan , this felt like a familiar story, but Allan elaborates on the point he was making in a post on his Facebook page . Country music has changed, Allan says. During the interview I made it a point to say that my own music has changed over the years. I used to make very different music 10 15 years ago. Allan agrees with King that modern day country is an amalgam, meaning a mixture or a blend. The point he says he was trying to make was that country music is a blend these days. Our genre has enough room in it for me, a country artist whose country leans towards rock and for more pop sounding country artists, as well as more traditional sounding country artists. None of us are the same, but we all make country radio our home. The lengthy note was not an apology, but more of an explanation and invitation to fans to watch the entire interview and decide for themselves. Allans other point during the abbreviated clip was that big corporations were changing the face of radio by turning stations into landing places for specific demographics instead of clean and clear formats. You used to be able to turn on the radio and you knew instantly it was a country station, just by listening to it, Allan explains. And now youve got to leave it there for a second to figure it out. Its not a bad thing. Its just different than it used to be, he says on Facebook.

The 21-year-old Canadian athlete presented the 23-year-old country singer with a signed No. 53 Skinner jersey and captioned the shot, “Growing the game…. One person at a time.” Based on the happy look on Swift’s face, she liked the present. The photo was taken during one of Swift’s concert stops in Raleigh, N.C.,part of U.S. tour promoting her latest album, Red. Skinner also signed the jersey for Swift. Soccor player Dmitri Chesnokov commented on the photo by referencing Swift’s tendency to write about heartbreak. He tweeted, “Should we expect a new (heartbreak) album?” Others joked about the same topic while hinting a romance between the athlete and singer. One user tweeted, “I can already hear the heartbreak song” while another wrote , ” ‘Ice Skate Heartbreak’ due out, let’s say, mid-December.” Swift has not been in a serious relationship since she broke up with One Direction’s Harry Styles in early 2013. Before dating the U.K. native she was romantically linked to Conor Kennedy, a member of late president John F. Kennedy’s family, singer John Mayer, and actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas. She is rumored to have dated so many A-listers that an onlineretailer produced a shirt in July with the last names of men romantically linked to her. Swift continues her Red tour and performs Thursday in Nashville, Tenn.

Jeff Skinner bestows jersey upon Taylor Swift, ignoring NHL curse (Photo)

Sports Puck Daddy Carolina Hurricanes star Jeff Skinner is someone who proudly promotes the game to new fans. Hes also an avowed Taylor Swift fan. So, given the opportunity to grow the game one person at a time, Skinner proudly gave her his hockey jersey. And by proudly we mean completely naive to the potential ramifications of doing so. View gallery . In a related story, Taylor Swift released a new track detailing how she felt receiving a hockey jersey was true love until she found out it was a replica and shes lying on the cold hard ground and boo-hoo. Shortly after this photo was taken, Kayne West bum-rushed the stage and proclaimed he’d let her finish but the Hartford Whalers were the best team of all-time. The previously mentioned ramifications for Jeff Skinner are, in fact, a part of Taylor Swift hockey lore. In 2009, members of the Pittsburgh Penguins gave her a SWIFT 09 jersey . Those members were Max Talbot, Jordan Staal, Alex Goligoski and Tyler Kennedy. Four years later, all four were ex-Penguins, disappearing from the photo like the McFly family as Ms. Swift clutches her sweater.

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